PhD in Architectural Design (Passed without corrections),
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, 2011-16

MSc Urban Studies (Distinction),
Urban Lab, UCL, 2008-11

BA Geography (First-class honours),
University of Birmingham, 2003-06

Current teaching

Associate Professor, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2020—
BSc Architecture — BARC0134: History and Theory of Architecture, lecturer on Performing Space, convenor of seminar programme, dissertation supervisor
BSc Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies — BARC0098: Architectural Research III, seminar tutor, convenor of peer-to-peer feedback tutorials, dissertation supervisor
MA Situated Practice — module coordinator on BARC0075: Research Methods, design tutor on BARC0077: Site-Writing and BARC0079: Major Project
MArch Architecture — BARC0011: Advanced Architectural Thesis, thesis supervisor. Invited critic — BSc AIS Design & Creative Practice, BSc & MArch Architecture, Open Crits

Visiting Lecturer, Central St Martins, 2020—
MArch Architecture & MA Cities — Spatial Practices ethics tutor

Guest Lecturer, Critic, and External Reviewer, Architectural Association, Bartlett School of Architecture, Central St Martins, Chelsea College of Art, Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg, Queen Mary University of London, Royal College of Art, University of Brighton, University of East London, University of Greenwich, Yale 2012—

Current practice & research

BREAK//LINE, architecture collective, 2018—
A project with Thom Callan-Riley, Miranda Critchley, Thandi Loewenson and Sayan Skandarajah opposing the trespass of capital, the indifference towards inequality and the myriad frontiers of oppression present in architectural education and practice

Research Ethics Fellow, Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL, 2016—
Led by Professor Jane Rendell, the Bartlett Ethics Commission involves identifying key ethical issues and dilemmas in built environment research alongside developing a vision, code and resources to guide the practice of ethics in teaching, research and enterprise

Fugitive Images, co-director of collaborative art practice, 2012—
A not-for-profit cultural collective with Andrea Luka Zimmerman working across media and platforms concerned with issues of social justice and co-existence, employing creative waywardness, hybridity and collaboration

Involve, co-founder of architecture collective, 2012—
A not-for-profit collective seeking to extend architectural education to primary and secondary school children through performance, model-making, design and build projects

Professional history

Acting Co-Director, MA Situated Practice, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2019-20

Teaching Fellow in Architectural Design and History & Theory, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2016-20

Visiting Professor, MA Architecture, Aarhus School of Architecture, 2017-2020

History & Theory Tutor, MA Architectural History, MArch Urban Design, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2015-17

Course Tutor, MA Urban Studies, UCL Geography, 2012-15

Research Assistant to Marcos Cruz, Director of the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, 2013

Researcher (part-time), UK Parliament, 2009-13

Researcher, National Assembly for Wales, 2007-08

Research Intern, Shelter, 2006

Selected projects

BREAK//LINE (2019–2020) Unbuilding, Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
A project to investigate the spatial representations, practices and experiences of hostile environments in higher education leading to a set of 'readings' of the failings of institutions; of sites and practices which must be dismantled; and of existing, nascent and yet-to-be-realised modes which should be celebrated, supported, and imagined.

Padan, Y., Rendell, J. and Roberts, D. (2016–) Practising Ethics
A research project seeking to raise awareness, expand understanding, and collectively develop approaches of ethical practice specific to built environment researchers and practitioners

Maksimov, D., Mileeva, M., Murawski, M. and Roberts, D. (2020) PiraMMMida
A transdisciplinary, transmedia project devoted to ridiculing, tricking, twisting, queering, resisting and perverting hierarchies in architecture, art, academia and the everyday.

Involve (2019–) Schools Without Walls, De La Warr Pavilion & Orchard Primary, Lambeth
A long-term engagement with 25 primary school pupils to explore open-air schools and collaborate to imagine, interpret, perform, design and self-build their own learning spaces

Roberts, D. and MA Situated Practice (2019) Co-Designing Common Spaces, De La Warr Pavilion
A project in which principles and approaches of co-design were developed with Syrian refugees and local partners by sketching ideas, composing settings and enacting spatial dynamics

Fugitive Images (2011-15) Estate: a reverie, 83 min feature film, LUX artists’ moving image agency.
A documentary/fiction tracking the passing of the Haggerston Estate and utopian promise of social housing interweaving portraits with historical re-enactments and architectural studies

Fugitive Images (2015) Real Estates, PEER Gallery
Co-curator of exhibition addressing issues spatial justice through a constantly changing series of exhibitions, screenings, discussions, readings and workshops

Roberts, D. (2013-15) Balfron Tower: a building archive,
An online archive of 120 documents comprising architectural archives, books, plans, films, and resident interviews of Balfron Tower spanning 50 years

Involve (2015) Tall Stories, part of the Brutalist Playground exhibition, RIBA
Workshops for children to create their own relief drawings cast in plaster, investigating the textures of cast concrete brutalist buildings and the internal lives of individual high-rise flats

Roberts, D. (2012) Empty Words Build Empty Homes, site-specific play, Haggerston Estate
A play on the promise and pitfalls of public housing written with the Haggerston Estate community and performed on site for Open House Weekend


Roberts, D. (Forthcoming, 2024) Make Public: Performing Public Housing in Regenerating East London

Rendell, J., Padan, Y. & Roberts, D. (Forthcoming, 2024) Practising Ethics: Hotspots, Touchstones, Blindspots, Keystones, Moonshots and Milestones, UCL Press

Maksimov, D., Mileeva, M., Murawski, M. & Roberts, D. (Forthcoming, 2023) 'Making Pyramids Disappear: Faux Horizontalism and Wild Capitalist Topologies of Speculation', in Vishmidt, M. Documents of Contemporary Art: Speculation, London: Whitechapel Gallery & MIT Press

Rendell, J., Padan, Y. & Roberts, D., with Marcowitz, A. & Osuteye, E. (Forthcoming, 2023) 'Practising ethics: processes and principles', in Bobic, N. and Haghighi, F. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Architecture, Urban Space and Politics, Vol II: Ecology, Social Participation and Marginalities, London: Routledge

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Conference papers, guest lectures & public talks

Space of Waste, Bartlett Together Festival, Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, 09/2022

Experimental Methodologies, Sussex University, 05/2022

Sustained, Dialogic, Iterative, Independent, Action-oriented, and Imaginative, KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm and TU Munich, 03/2022

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CitiesMethodologies, Slade Research Centre, 05/2010


Bartlett Architecture Research Fund, 2022

RIBA President’s Award for Research 2021 winner with Ariana Markowitz, Dr Emmanuel Osuteye, Dr Yael Padan, and Professor Jane Rendell, 2021

UCL Knowledge Exchange Fund, 2020

UCL SSEES FRINGE Centre for the Study of Cultural Complexity and Bartlett Architecture Research Fund, 2020

Nominee Brilliant Research-based Education in Student Choice Teaching Awards, 2020

Nominee Amazing Support Staff in Student Choice Teaching Awards, 2020

Bartlett Architecture Research Fund, 2020

Nominee Award for Exceptional Feedback in Student Choice Teaching Awards, 2019

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education, 2019

UCL Knowledge Exchange, 2019

Bartlett Architecture Projects Fund, 2019

RIBA President’s Award for Research 2018 commendation, 2018

Shortlisted for Award for Diverse and Inclusive Education in Student Choice Teaching Awards, 2018

Nominee Award for Outstanding Teaching in Student Choice Teaching Awards, 2017

RIBA President’s Award for Research 2016 winner and recipient of High Commendation, 2016

Central Saint Martins Restless Futures funding, 2015

Bartlett Architecture Research Fund, 2015

UCL Grand Challenges funding, 2014

Architecture for Humanity Ideas on a Postcard winner, 2014

UCL Public Engagement funding, 2013

Open City Arch-Innovate Competition, 2013

Shortlisted for CINECITY Architectural Film Project, judged by Bernard Tschumi and others, 2013

Shortlisted for Artangel Idea for London, 2012

Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts funding, 2012

UCL Train and Engage funding, 2012

UCL Graduate Research Scholarship and an AHRC Studentship in Architectural Design, 2011-14

University of Birmingham prize for highest graded student and for highest graded dissertation, 2006

Urban Geography Research Group, Runner-up prize in the national dissertation award for Unwelcome in the City: Exclusion of the Homeless in Liverpool, 2006

Featured work

Morgan Quaintance, ‘Rules of Engagement’, Art Monthly, 10/2016. See here

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